Oil Cleanser

Oil Cleanser


This gentle Oil Cleanser is your answer to evenly toned, non-flaky, acne free skin. When we use harsh abrasives to "wash" our skin, we take away not only the dirt and make-up but the oils our skin needs to thrive as well. This leads to an overproduction of natural oil along with dry patches. Cleansing with oil is one of the very best things you can do to break that cycle. It will break up the extra oil without removing what your skin needs while also adding nourishing qualities of the oils you're using to cleanse! Infused with mild astringents of astringents like licorice, sage, and orange peel, as well as soothing extracts of calendula, rose, and lavender.


Ingredients (Dry or Mature Skin): sunfower oil*, avocado oil*, 
apricot oil*, castor oil*, rose hip seed oil*, 
evening primrose oil*, cornflower*, rose*, calendula*

Ingredients (Oily or Acne Prone Skin): : sunflower oil*, castor oil*, 
apricot oil*, grapeseed oil*, hazelnut oil*, sage*, licorice*, orange peel*

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