New Mama

New Mama


We've covered all the new mama bases with this one.

Our organic Post-Partum Sitz Bath helps to soothe and expedite healing of perineal stretching and tearing. Didn't have a vaginal birth? It also helps to speed along the external healing of Cesarean Section! The tea created is great for both mom and baby to soak in as it also helps with healing of baby's umbilicus.

Nipple Soother will make breastfeeding a breeze. We use only food grade, organic butters and oils in our products, so there's no need to wash before nursing. No essential oils either, so you can spend your time gazing into your new baby's eyes and strengthening that mother + child bond rather than worrying about product safety.

Booty Balm keeps baby's bum rash free with a healing blend of herbs alongside coco and shea butters to help form a wetness barrier. Even better, our Booty Balm formula is cloth diaper safe!

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