Moisture Serum

Moisture Serum


Just a few drops of this nutritive oil blend will leave your face, neck, and chest nourished and supple without leaving any greasy film. Rose hip seed and Tamanu oils pack a powerful antioxidant punch while apricot and hemp seed oils hydrate and replenish. In addition, red clover and cornflower nourish skin by encouraging cell turnover, while rose and chamomile soothe any blemishes. The real shining star ingredient is our CBD Serum. This anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial. anti-aging cannabinoid helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and holds moisture in where it needs to be.

Ingredients: Apricot oil*,  hemp seed oil*, rose hipseed oil*, tamanu oil*, CBD Oil*, red clover*, cornflower*, chamomile*



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