Perfume Therapy

Perfume Therapy


Our 10 ml Perfume Therapy comes in 5 beautiful blends, crafted with the help of a certified aromatherapist. Choose your mood~ Relax, Uplift, Balance, Bliss, and for all you goddesses out there, Celestial. Each one is specially formulated to adjust your mood and mindset, with the added benefit of washing your sense of smell with a lovely aroma. Relax is slightly sweet with Clary Sage as the forward note. Uplift will boost your spirits with bright notes of citrus. Balance will help you to tune into all areas of life with it's earthy yet sweet aroma. Bliss will bring a sense of calm happiness with it's lovely notes of bergamot and vanilla. Celestial brings out the earth goddess in you with sultry notes of patchouli vetiver sweetened with vanilla and damiana.  Our Perfume Therapy comes in a 10 ml rollerball vial that glides onto the wrist, neck, or spine with ease, and is small enough to carry in your pocket, purse, or bag.

Can't decide on your favorite? Choose the Perfume Therapy Gift Pack and receive one of each! Perfect for gifting to the perfume lover in your life, or indulging in some major self-care. 

Ingredients: Apricot oil* **, essential oil blends

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