After Sun Spray

After Sun Spray


Treat your skin to this lightweight yet deeply effective soothing spray after spending too much time in the sun. Colloidal silver is known for helping to heal mild to moderate sunburns, while lavender soothes and aloe helps pull the heat away as it adds needed moisture. This product was safely blended without any essential oils and is safe for use on children of any age. 

Directions: Mist over skin after prolonged sun exposure, or for a refreshing mist when overheated. Allow to dry, avoiding spraying in eye area. Reapply as often as necessary for relief. Keep refrigerated when not in use. Safe for use on children of any age. 

Ingredients: Aloe vera water*, witch hazel*, Calendula officinalis (hydrosol)*, Melissa officinalis (hydrosol), Lavendula angustifolia (hydrosol)*, Helichrysum splendidum (hydrosol)*, colloidal silver 


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